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Y le empezamos al chismorreo de Noticias de TH...
En el rumor de hoy (casi como toda la página) los protagonistas principales son nuestros adorados Twins, por todas las redes sociales corre el rumor que BILL y Tom Kaulitz o Tom y Bill Kaulitz (nada de lucha de poderes ok Boss ;) ) Estan trabajando en la filmación de una película donde se rumora que los dos Tienen papeles principales...¿ será de gemelos? ¿de villanos? ¿o de contrincantes como sería el sueño del managment? ¿sera TOMIELO y BILLIETO? ¿beavis and butthead? ¿sera sandía sera melón?...o ¿de la primera pareja gay de hermanos que revoluciona el mundo casandose en las VEGAS y lo revela 3 años despúes en un evento público cuando logran conquistar el mundo? ehhh no princess el mundo no es tan genialoso como tú...bleh...
Más me tarde en escribir tanta estupidez que AELILIM EN mandarme la nota...
Los bandidos (título original en alemán: Die Räuber), es un drama en cinco actos, en prosa, lanzado en 1781 y escrito por Friedrich von Schiller. Es considerada una de las primeras obras del Sturm und Drang. Fue escrita mientras estudiaba en la academia militar del duque de Württemberg.
La copio en inglés por que es ...DOMINGO muah!!
Die Raeuber with Bill and Tom Kaulitz!
For a long time fans were puzzling over the new project of Bill and Tom. But now the waiting is over. The German producer Christoph Gampl published a detailed script about the movie “Die Raeuber” (engl.: the robbers) two weeks ago.
The drama “Die Raeuber” from Friedrich Schiller will be implemented into an animation but also with real scenes with Bill and Tom in the leading parts.
Here’s a summary of the movie’s content:
„In crisis-ridden Germany of 2039 the government responds to the radicalization of the different political sides with a successive development of the surveillance society in dimensions of Orwell (-> TH-Wonderland: known from the “Animal Farm”).
Maximilian von Moor (age: 54), commish and government official experiences the growing chaos and disruption of society to the point of his own family. While his beloved son Karl (age: 21) becomes an icon of resistance to the reigning class, his other son Franz (age: 21) begins to long for power. Karl, supported by his father is leading an intransigent regime in the underground. His fiancée, Amalia, is on his side, despite all the propaganda against the insurgents and resists the advances of Franz.
The near-rioting circumstances are going to escalate. Besides the aging commish dies under mysterious instances. With his son Franz on their side the government is activating their powers. When Karl finds out that his father is still alive, caught by Franz in a brig, he gives orders to attack the city and take vengeance on his brother.
It’s coming to a fight without winners, in which only the heavenly forces will gain a tragic victory.”
Bill is going to play the leading part of “Franz von Moor” while Tom is playing “Karl von Moor”. About the collaboration with Bill and Tom Christoph Gampl wrote:
“I was searching long, was talking to innumerous casting agents, was sifting show reels which I refused over and over again. I wanted young actors, around twenty […]. In a magazine about the topic “twins” I read an interview with Bill and Tom Kaulitz and discovered some parallels […] the brothers were meant for this movie […] Right know they’re practicing for their roles to be professional.”
There are already first impressions of the artwork from the movie which are reminiscent of "Humanoid" and also of the way how the twins are looking currently. As there is for now no officially confirmation from Bill and Tom and also there's no expect when the movie will release, regard these news as a rumor.
Update: A news article from Mainpost from August 2010 is also telling, that Gampl is planning the material for the movie for about one and a half year. August 2010 trailer, virtual sceneries and screenplays were developed. The budget for the movie is about 5 Million Euro, the shooting programme will begin in autumn 2011.
Perfiles de los personajes...
Karl (Charles) Moor, his older son, is a self-confident idealist. He is good-looking and well liked by all. He holds feelings of deep love for Amalia and a general spirit of melancholy about the promising life he has left behind for a life of lawlessness. Together with his gang of robbers, he fights against the unfairness and corruption of the feudal authorities. After his father, misled by brother Franz, curses Karl and banishes him from his home, Karl becomes a more disgraceful criminal and murderous arsonist. This despair leads to the urge to express and discover new goals and directions, and to realize his ideals and dreams of heroism. He breaks the law, for as he says, "the end justifies the means." He develops a close connection with his robbers, especially to Roller and Schweizer, but recognizes the unscrupulousness and dishonor of Spiegelberg and his other associates. Amalia creates a deep internal twist in the plot and in Karl's persona. He swore allegiance to the robbers after Schweizer and Roller died for his sake, and he promised that he would never separate from his men, so cannot return to Amalia. In deep desperation due to the death of his father, he eventually kills his true love and decides to turn himself in to the law.
Franz Moor, his younger son, is an egoistic rationalist and materialist. He is cold-hearted and callous. He is rather ugly and unpopular, as opposed to his brother Karl, but quite intelligent and cunning. However, since his father loved only his brother and not him, he developed a lack of feeling, which made the "sinful world" intolerable for his passions, and he consequently fixed himself to a rationalistic way of thinking. In the character of Franz, Schiller demonstrates what could happen if the moral way of thinking was replaced by the pure rationalization. Franz strives for power in order to be able to implement his interests.

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