viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

Nuevas fotos de los Twins, e info de una tarde de paseos // Bild

Que lindo sueter, mas guapo no puede estar Tom... uffa
Bad Driburg (NRW) – The Count’s Park in Bad Driburg. An idyll, in the relaxed once Westphalian nobility. Today, popular with retirees, spa guests – and the guys from “Tokio Hotel”.
Thursday, 16 clock: Quite casually, in jeans and leather jacket, walking the twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz (23) with their bodyguards through the park
After an hour in the autumn sun continue to tucking into the hotel. Bill and Tom ordered cheesecake (3.60 euros), half of which they leave on the plate.
WHAT DO THE WORLD STARS IN Westphalian province?
RTL films in the small town on the first “Recall” for DSDS. And the twins sitting together with Dieter Bohlen in the jury decide on the next round of the singing talents.
Yesterday at 13.30 clock one saw the twins back then – perfectly styled for TV. Good thing they were able to relax a bit before that.

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